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Why Life Insurance? 
As you plan for the future, it is important to plan for unexpected possibilities by having life insurance. When you purchase life insurance, your beneficiaries know that you have thought enough of them to prepare for their future. Giving you the peace of mind knowing that the people you care about will be financially cared for.
Term Life is Life Insurance which provides a Death Benefit at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. 

It provides TEMPORARY life insurance protection for people looking for affordable coverage options. After that period of time expires, coverage at the previous rate of premiums is no longer guaranteed

Because Term Life is a death-only benefit policy, you can purchase a large amounts of coverage for a relatively small premium. Term Life insurance is the most inexpensive way to purchase a substantial death benefit. 

Terms typically range from one to 30 years. Should the unforeseen occur, Term Life can help your beneficiaries pay off consumer debt, pay the mortgage, provide protection for your family during child-raising years, or help with college educations if your dependents are older. All of these become much more important in your absence.

Sentry Healthcare offers several highly rated Life insurance policy options from well-known life insurance carriers. 

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Whole Life insurance provides both a Death Benefit and a Cash Value which grows on a Tax Deferred basis. 

Whole Life insurance is PERMANENT insurance and the premiums remain level throughout the life of the policy. Whole Life policies mature (endow) when the cash value equals the death benefit (usually at age 100). 

Whole Life insurance can provide welcomed flexibility as you plan for your family’s life events. A Whole Life policy gives you secondary options, as you are able to access the cash value while you still have a death benefit should the unexpected occur. 

As you might expect, Whole Life premiums are initially more expensive than Term Life. However, with whole life you lock in the lower rates when you are younger. This is important because insurance gets more expensive as you get older. Additionally, the longer the policy has been in force, the higher the cash value. 

Sentry Healthcare offers several highly rated Life insurance policy options from well-known life insurance carriers.   

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